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I want to keep this page updated based on my changing investments. I don’t always have the latest on Mr. RN’s, because we manage our investments separately, but I can always easily update mine thanks to Personal Capital.

Mr. RN investments: $245,731

Ms. RN investments: $145,378

Total: $391,09

We are 39% of the way to our goal of one million dollars.

Here’s the breakdown of my investments (largest to smallest):

TSP: $68,587

The TSP is basically the U.S. government’s version of a 401k. It is the most wonderful investment that I have, and I can’t wait to put more money in it.

Vanguard i401k: $27,880

This is my self-employed 401k. I’m allowed to put in $18,500 a year plus whatever my “employer match” works out to be. I’ve done the “employee” portion for 2018 and am waiting until next year to figure out exactly what the match will be.

Vanguard Roth IRA: $26,771

I love my Vanguard Roth. I’ve been maxing it out for a few years now, and it’s great to see the growth.

Vanguard Admiral Shares: $15,058

I’ve had these shares for much longer than I’ve had any other investment, as part of this money was a gift from my grandma when I was young. Thanks, grandma!

Utah 529: 7,071

This is either for Old Ms. RN, who has decided to go study on a beach somewhere, or for some future child(ren). It’s semi-bogus to count it as an investment, because I’d have to pay a penalty if I wanted to withdraw money for a non-educational expense, but I like to see it as a Backup Emergency Fund of sorts.

Saturna HSA: $0

I have yet to open HSAs for Mr. RN and me. Oops! Better get on that soon.